FearNot Sweet Talkers


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 FearNot Custom Sweet Talkers have quick to become turkey hunters favorite call in their bag! From soft clucks to hard raspy cutting you decide how you are going to Sweet Talk that long beard or boss hen in. Our Custom slate comes in a beautiful walnut pot and it is matched with the best slate on earth, Pennsylvania Deep Mined Slate or Glass. Calling in the Wild Turkey is a great challenge to us; thus, we have been searching for the right call over the years. We discovered that often it takes more than one call to bring  the majestic bird in. We wanted a high-end yelp that breaks of to a great rasp, but we we also wanted a great purr. We wanted a call that was easy to run loud and soft. We are very proud of our Custom Grade that is what it delivers. Hand selected Walnut pots with PA Slate or Glass  matched to a hardwood-tuned striker that will bring them in running.


Custom Grade Sweet Talker $30.99 w/custom striker


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  Custom Slate Sweet Talker

  Custom Glass Sweet Talker