FearNot Bear Call



Bears are fairly vocal animals making a wide range of sounds to express their basic needs and desires. By duplicating these sounds you can trigger breeding reactions, social reactions, territory defense actions or social curiosity reactions.

  By making sow moans, you can attract male bears interested in breeding during the spring and summer. Males tend to be the trophy size bears that we seek. Moans are highly effective to trigger a food source defense reaction used around bait sites. It's extremely effective on nocturnal bear that wait until dark to approach bait. Since males are territorial, they can be called using aggressive fight calls. This works very much like rattling for deer, the male thinks two bear are fighting in his area for food, territory or females. Non-aggressive social coaxing calls can be used to invite and reassure spooky bears.

Heavy camo lanyard and calling instructions are included.


E-mail from Brad Landwerlen

Dear FearNot Calls

Just thought I'd let you know that I bought one of these bear calls for my 2nd trip to Ontario. First 3 days did not use it and only saw smaller bears. 4th day used it and within 10 minutes, a beautiful 260-pounder with a thick, arrow-head shaped white crest came in (obviously earlier than normal). He is now at the taxidermist. I frankly doubted the call would help, but it proved itself again 2 days later when I took my father out and used it again, and he killed his first bear. Brad Landwerlen



     FearNot Bear Call



FearNot Antelope Call



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Antelope Call from FearNot Game Calls. Call is very compact and can be used as a hands free call. Give that trophy antelope a challenge or stop him in his tracks! Call makes perfect and easy bugles (challenge that trophy antelope for his does.)& barks (used to make a bedded antelope stand up or stopping running antelopes). Bugle or bark to bring in that "Book Lope".  Includes a camo lanyard and detailed instructions. Good Luck Hunting!