FearNot Locator Calls

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Barred Owl

  • Loud & easy to use 
  • Excellent locator call that will fire up those long beards!
  • Great locating call to use in early morning & at dusk when roosting birds!
  • Imitate the hoot of the barred owl to wake up and locate that Gobbler.
  • Easy to use reed style owl hooter
  • Weather Proof maintenance free call
  • Make perfect high volume hoots and laughs to make 'em gobble
  • Camo lanyard 
  • Instructions are included. 
  • Call is brand new & hand tuned
  • Lanyard is included




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Peacock / Woodpecker

  • Great locator call all day long 
  • 2 Calls in 1
    • Screaming Peacock
    • Woodpecker
  • One blast will make your hair stand up!
  • Great to make that long beard shock gobble
  • Very Loud 
  • Call is new
  • Hand tuned
  • Camo Lanyard
  • Calling instructions  




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  • Great raspy call
  • Excellent locator call for turkey hunting
  • Make that Boss Goobler Gobble His Head Off!
  • Instructions included
  • Hand tuned call
  • Camo lanyard is included
  • Loud & Easy to Use



Hello to all at FearNot Calls:

I just wanted to send you a email to thank you for the Crow callers. 3 of us went out last weekend and I brought my son along. We all had the Crow callers and they worked a treat. My son who is 10 years old was calling for me. I see 1 crow approx 700 yards away and asked my son to start calling, I could not believe it the crow changed direction and started flying towards us, I as my son to keep calling and the crow kept coming. It fly over our heads and then it was curtains for him as I put one in him "PERFECT". I think my son was happier than me he still is talking about how he called a crow from 700 yards away. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the caller and thanks for making shooting more pleasurable.

Andrew Rooney

Northern Ireland  May 13th 2008


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Coyote Howler

Easy coyote yipes and barks. Great turkey locator and coyote call. Makes Gobblers gobble early in the morning and at dusk.



Lanyard included with calls

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