FearNot Enticer Series Mouth Calls


FearNot mouth calls are all made of thin latex and have small adult frames with soft long lasting tape.

msinglehen03.jpg (14451 bytes) Single Hen- Green Rx-11 Latex. Great beginner call. High pitch call that is easy to use. Super Kee-Kees.

Single Hen  $5.97

mplaygirl03.jpg (14449 bytes)    Play Girl - two thin latex reeds, one recessed behind the other. This is the call we recommend for the beginner. The Play Girl is ideal for soft close-in calling and kee-keeing clear, deep and very seductive tone.

Play Girl  $5.97 

mhussyhen03.jpg (15261 bytes) Hussy Hen- two thin latex reeds with a double spilt design. Old hen yelps  to sweet clucks and purrs. The Hussy Hen is ideal for long range or location calling.

Hussy Hen  $5.97 

msassyhen03.jpg (15427 bytes) Sassy Hen- Charcoal Rx-12 Latex with three thin reeds the  Sassy Hen produces sassy  old hen yelps to sweet whistles & kee-kees. Excellent cackles & purrs with this clear call.

Sassy Hen  $5.97

mcutter03.jpg (18658 bytes) FearNot Cutter- Green Rx-11 Latex. V-cut triple reed  call gives  this call  extra deep & raspy tones for yelping & cutting. The FearNot Cutter gives that old bossy hen sound.

FearNot Cutter  $5.97 

mratchet03.jpg (15955 bytes) Ratchet Jaw- Charcoal Rx-12 Latex. Three reeds with moon notch capable of making a clear to raspy whistles to raspy yelps, cuts and enticing close in calls.

Ratchet Jaw  $5.97  

vixen.jpg (13154 bytes)

 Vixen - Green Rx-11 Latex. Three reeds with "New" Turkey Wing Cut. Champion Caller Korey Harris design. Awesome raspy yelps, clucks & cutts. Super easy rasp! 


Vixen  $5.97  

champschoice.jpg (14399 bytes) Champions Choice - Green Rx-11 Latex. Three reed Champion Cuts. Champion caller Korey Harris design. Unique rasp and easy to use. Great cutter call.

Champions Choice  $5.97 

loudmouth Loud Mouth - Yellow Rx-13 Latex. 3 reed Modified Champions Cuts. Super raspy and super loud. A call for the experienced caller. Be a Loud Mouth!

Loud Mouth $5.97

 bitcher Bitcher - Red Rx-10 Latex. 3 reed Raspy Cut. Very raspy call with a great roll over. Great for cackles, yelps and hard cutting. Sound like a Bitcher!

The Bitcher $5.97

menticer03.jpg (15067 bytes) FearNot Enticer- Green Rx-11 Latex. Four reed V-cut. Super Raspy yelps, clucks, cuts and super purrs! The Enticer is our Pro-Staff's favorite.

FearNot Enticer  - $5.97  

msweet03.jpg (20998 bytes) Sweet Hen - Double frame 2 reed. Simple to control. Soft or long range yelps, clucks & purrs. Smooth pitch.

Sweet Hen  $6.97 

msleazy03.jpg (23404 bytes) Sleazy Hen - Double frame 3 reed. Intense raspy yelps, clucks & cutts. Sleazy clear sound.

 Sleazy Hen  $6.97 

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