Outdoorsmen Prayer         

Thank you Lord, for the joy that you bring, for the fish in the lakes, and the birds as they sing. You are the Master Artist, and the landscape you draw, takes away all my breath as it fills me with awe. The autumn woods, full of colors, of orange and red, and the dropping ripe acorns upon which your creatures are fed. A beautiful sunset on a cypress filled lake, shines a myriad of colors, which only you can make. For the sight of a bass as it leaps in the air, and the challenge of stalking a whitetail deer. For the turkey that gobble, and the dove that fly low, and the crappie and catfish that lurk down below. And the thrill that I get from your ducks and your geese, I thank you my Lord for the privilege of these. And I pray for your wisdom, for all that partake, of the hunting of game and the fish in the lake. That our stewardship values are true and are strong, that our ethics are righteous and we never steer wrong. I pray for the safety of all that enjoy, your great woods and waters man, woman, girl, and boy. For your world of nature your praises I sing, for your love of your children, and the joy that you bring.