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FearNot Tube Call

This call makes all the sounds of the wild turkey. Excellent volume can be made for those windy days. It also can be blown very softly. Caller can make clucks, purrs, yelps, kee-kees & make a lusty gobble. The FearNot Tube call is a great call to use in high pressure areas. It makes a unique sound that drives gobblers nuts!





FearNot Replacement Reed Package

Tube Call Reeds

10 Pack of Turkey Tube Call Latex Reeds + 4 O-rings

 6 natural in color latex reeds that are .004" thick & 4 gray in color latex reeds that are 0.006" thick, all reeds are 2-3/8" wide by 1-1/2" deep. 4 O-rings are also included. They can be used with FearNot Game Calls Tube Calls or other makers of tube calls. This is a great kit for replacements and for experimenting with different reeds. The natural color is our Pro-staff favorite for making various hen calls and the gray latex makes a deeper sound that works great for making lusty gobbles.